Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank you!

Today, Storywheel got its 100th fan on its Facebook Fan Page. I am very happy that the reader base has grown from 62 on May 1, 2010 to 100 in such a short time.

Thank you all for your support. Happy reading!


PS: If you haven't already, grab a free eBook containing the 21 stories published so far!
PPS: I better get back to writing as it has been almost a month's hiatus...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Announcing Free PDF eBook: Storywheel - Vol I - Issue 1

Dear readers,

Storywheel has been live for more than 4 months now. Here are some impressive statistics:

·         Went live Dec 11, 2009
·         21 Stories published till date
·         62 “Fans” on the Facebook page
·         A reader spends on average 3 minutes and 36 seconds on a page
·         Top 3 sites referring traffic are
o 16.4%
o 12.6%
o 11.0%
·         The maiden IndiRank on IndiBlogger is 65
·         23 shares on Facebook by readers
·         31 regular RSS feed subscribers
·         73% Male / 26% Female
·         81% of readers in the age group 25-44
·         Top countries
o   India
o   US
o   Switzerland
o   UK
·         Top cities
o   New Delhi
o   Mumbai
·         Most comments received
o   Ego
o   Literati

In celebration of all my friends and loyal readers, I am giving away a Free eBook of the first 21 stories that were published on Storywheel. You are free to do almost anything with it except releasing it in book form. Go on and print some copies, if you like or forward it to your friends. Click on the Storywheel Logo in this post or the link below it to get the Free PDF eBook!

Thanks for your support and Happy Reading!

Best regards,

Buy Storywheel EBooks from Amazon

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