Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Heist – A Ten Minute Play now available on

The Heist – A Ten Minute Play is now available from!

The play is an adaptation from two short stories – The Heist and Transference – previously published on Storywheel. Regular readers of Storywheel may recall that a different adaptation directed by Hariher Balasubramaniam from Strayfactory was staged during The Great Indian Blogologues in October 2010.

This is the original version of the script available for royalty-free performances on stages worldwide.

Update - Aug 13, 2011: The ebook is available on at a discount of 50% until Sep 15, 2011. Use Coupon Code JX74N

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Storywheel Collection - Now available for Kindle on

Dear readers,

You can now purchase Kindle eBooks of collections of stories from Storywheel at! For the convenience of readers, there are different collections available.

The Storywheel Collection - Vol I consists of the first 20 stories published on Storywheel: the short story blog.

The Storywheel Collection - Vol II is the second in the series and consists of another 20 stories previously published on Storywheel: the short story blog.

The Storywheel Collection - Combined Vol I & II is a bargain. Get all 40 stories in one neat package. This is the best deal and has all the stories published so far.

If you are a science fiction fan, the Storywheel Collection - Science Fiction is for you.

And coming soon... The Storywheel Collection - Suspense. For those who like a little mystery in their short stories.

I thank all readers for their continued support. Happy reading.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Precious Cargo

Image Credit: extranoise via Flickr

aghavan walked to his desk dressed in a white bathrobe. He pressed a button and a monitor sprung up on his desk and lit up. It seemed to be a busy day ahead for the Minister of Transportation.

An instant message popped up from his daughter Manju in Cleveland. She had moved to the United States with her husband, an American citizen about a year ago. Raghavan opened the message—‘Please send a bottle of spicy mango pickles!’

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