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Storywheel, the short story blog would not be possible without the work of many people. This page is dedicated to all those who collaborated with me in enriching the Storywheel experience for our beloved readers. I sincerely thank every one of you.

Anonymous "Steve"
'Steve' is a salesman / graffiti artist I met on a train journey in England. He sketched the work that you see at the end of my first story titled "Gary".
Laura Garabedian
Laura is a freelance artist and illustrator who is currently working on a graphic novel as well as an alphabet book. She is open for commissions of all sorts and enjoys dialoguing with other artists. (Source: Laura's Facebook page)
She was gracious enough to let me use the fantastic copy of the watercolor painting for the story 'Last Man Standing'. Visit her website
Stray Factory
In their own words--"We are a network of actors, writers, artists and musicians. We identify common interests and find ways by which individuals from within and outside our network can work together as 'collaboratives' on creative endeavors of common interest. We are currently focusing our energies on performance art."
Stray Factory and IndiBlogger colloborated with Chennai bloggers including me to adapt weblogs into stage performance pieces for the event titled "The Great Indian Blogologues". Apparently, this has never been attempted before. 15 final posts have been selected from 1,012 entries! Thanks to Stray Factory and IndiBlogger for this innovative initiative for integrating theatre and blogs.
Visit the Blogologues page for details.
The shortlisted blogs are here and an event link is available here.
Here is the Blogologues website - and here is a blog post that tries to bring together all the media coverage that the event garnered.

The hit Inspector Sathya from the play 'Vigilante vs. Vigilante' by Hariher Balasubramaniam adapted from Transference and The Heist. In this scene, Joel Nigli (as Inspector Sathya) and Naren Weiss (as Sam/the clone).

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