Saturday, January 14, 2012

Win a Free EBook!

Do you want to win a Free EBook?

It is very easy! Send me an idea, theme, logline or title of my 50th short story. You can send your ideas in the following ways:
Rules: Please limit your comment to 3 sentences or 30 words, whichever is shorter. This is more a guideline than a rule. But remember that if there are ties in selecting the winners, I will use this rule to break ties.

Prizes: There are 3 prizes. All 3 selected winners will receive the ebook Storywheel Collection - Combined Vol I & II. This is an EPUB ebook readable on the Amazon Kindle and other ebook reader devices or on your PC/Mac or smartphone (with appropriate software). Sorry, this is the only digital format in which the book is available. Prizes will be sent via email, therefore please provide your contact info. (I hate spamming and your email address will not be used for purposes other than contacting you related to this prize.)

End date: This contest is open until Midnight Indian Standard Time Feb 29, 2012. Winners will be announced within 48 hours of closure of the contest. UPDATE: This contest is open-ended and perpetual. Winners will be announced monthly.

Legalese: By participating in this contest, you are granting the rights to Giri Vijayakumar (Author) to write and publish a story using that idea, regardless of whether it is one of the 3 selected winners. You also represent and warrant that the idea is your own and not plagiarized. Stories may be published in the Storywheel blog, digital ebook(s) or print books. Winners will be credited by providing one link to their blog or website at the Storywheel Collaborators page.

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  1. Well, I know the contest already ended, but I have a great story idea. You could write about kids going to space, but it is 100 years ago in India. You can build on that idea if you want. I think it would be cool if you wrote it, but made it for kids to read also.

  2. india is famous for its treasure trove of myths and legends about vampires right? you should make a story about demonic creatures and a hero or something..christopher pike assimilated the concept of indian vampire origins in his novels "The Last Vampire" saga...good luck man!

  3. @zack - Congratulations. You are the winner for May 2012.

  4. And maybe because it is Midsummer Month, maybe because I'm looking for an intervention myself, maybe because I've always believed in magick, maybe because we never quit hoping for a miracle... I'd like to read a story about one of those times when the fine line between dust and magick blurs and we are left wondering if the person we last met was just another person walking her own thorny path or was she an angel? - Remember the series 'Touched By An Angel'?


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