Friday, April 9, 2010

The Pink Slip

Update: This post has been updated with the actual story. Click here to jump to the story.
This is a placeholder for a story that I have finished and submitted to a writing contest. I will publish the story once the results are announced. Tick Tock Tick Tock... 
[My story, The Pink Slip has been selected for the Living Your Passion Writing Contest. If you are on Facebook, please join the Living Your Passion group and vote for my story. You can vote after reading the story and clicking on the "Like" link or leaving a comment. Your vote/comment matters. Thank you.] 
I will be posting the story here after the contest results are announced.

And then he took out his gun, aiming at her head…

‘How am I supposed to begin a story with that line? There are so many things wrong with that’, thought Raghavan. He crumpled the paper on which he had started scribbling the story and threw it into the dustbin in the corner. He missed it.

His phone rang. It was the boss. Raghavan got up and walked to her room.

‘What is she going to say today? It is almost 5 O’ clock. I am pretty sure she is going to dump some work that ought to be ready by tomorrow morning. These young managers don’t have respect for an experienced old hat like me’, thought Raghavan.

“Please sit down, Raghavan.”

“Thanks Ma’am!”

“Raghavan, I am very sorry to say that the company doesn’t require your services anymore. You have been in the company for many years. Your quality of work is very good. But, we want a younger workforce and we are offering senior employees a golden handshake. Inside this envelope, you will find your full and final settlement which includes 2 months’ severance pay. I will need you to sign this form and hand me your ID card.”

Raghavan was shocked. He knew he had to retire some day, but this was a bolt from the blue. He did not expect it at all.

And then he took out his gun, aiming at her head… The same words kept running in his mind.

Raghavan felt like taking a gun and shooting himself. He signed the form, surrendered his ID card and received the envelope from her. She held out her hand. He shook it weakly, turned around and left her room. As he walked out, he saw Bashyam—another senior like him—put his phone down and walk up to the boss’ room.

He picked his bag from his desk and walked out of the office. An assistant was putting up a poster about the golden handshake scheme on the company notice board. It said

Twice the work with half the machines…
90% lower maintenance costs…
Farewell Seniors. We thank you.
We also welcome the new robots at Indrobotics Ltd.


  1. Very nice story. Reminds me of Isaac Asimov. Keep it going !

  2. Harish, thanks for the great compliment.
    But, Asimov... You've got to be kidding me; You make me blush!

  3. Liked this short version of the short story. Tried something similar (

    Please do let me know how i can improve.

  4. Good one Giri.. loved the video you made too!

  5. Really liked this story! Such a good ending. I read some stories like it on this new blog and they were really good.


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