Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Accomplice

Image Credit: betsystreeter, via Flickr
here was a steel table in the center of that room without windows. A bright light hung right above the table. He sat there, waiting. Two men stood near the door, outside the room.

“There is no smoking inside. He is allergic to it.” Reddy held the door obstructing Sridhar’s way.

“Oh… ok!” Sridhar took three quick puffs, put down his cigarette and extinguished it. They entered the room, closing the door behind.

“You think we can make him do it?” asked Sridhar.

“Sure. He is a robot, made to obey the Three Laws…” said Reddy.

“Yeah, yeah… I know. Don’t injure a human or cause harm to a human through inaction… Obey orders given by humans except when in conflict with the first law… Protect self unless that is in conflict with first two laws. But, I don’t get how he will listen to us. Isn’t that breaking the second law?”

“Well, that’s what the first law is for, isn’t it?”

“I’m listening…”

“You see. The robot would do anything to save its owner, Dr. Najma. We have her hostage. By the first law, the robot has to obey our commands because she would die in our hands otherwise. He cannot cause her harm through his inaction.”

“I see...”

“It is a simple job. He breaks into the bank. Gets the money and gets out. Wham bam! Thank you, ma’am!”

“Do you think he would kill us, like… right now? Wouldn’t that help him save his owner and get out of this sticky situation?”

“Well, he can’t. The first law prohibits him from killing any human, including us. It is such a strong law… I can’t stop falling in love with it! I wish we had these robots twenty years ago when I started out in my career. I could have retired by now!”

“Can he hear us? He looks so eerie sitting on that chair with his gaze transfixed on the wall. Would he be pissed off at us?”

The robot batted its eyelids and turned to look at both of them.

“Robots don’t have emotion. He is probably calculating how he will accomplish his goal. You have 24 hours to complete the job! Come on, let’s go.”

The robot stood up.

“You have 20 seconds to surrender. This place is surrounded by the police. They have Dr. Najma in safe custody. I called them hours ago and gave them this location.”

Sridhar and Reddy listened in disbelief.

He walked up to the door and opened it. “This way, gentlemen!” 


  1. Hey Giri! Im totally impressed! I never knew short stories could pack so much drama and suspense..really good one..the picture creates the mood for the scene..waiting for more!

  2. WoW, such amazing short story. Very cool and a very nice pic!


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