Saturday, November 6, 2010

D is for Diabolical

he restaurant wasn’t too crowded. Prabhu sat with her at a corner table sipping his coffee while she slurped the milkshake.

 “So, the policy will be issued for two crores?”

“Yes, I know that our underwriting department has cleared it last week and the policy was mailed out yesterday. You should have it on hand either today or tomorrow.”

“Rekha, I am tired this. It is one thing to have a loveless marriage, but a completely different matter carrying on with this clandestine affair. I get very stressed out keeping this a secret.”

“I know. I feel the same. But we have to play this very carefully.”

“You are right.”

“We wait patiently, for at least a year…”

“…and then we kill my wife.” He paused for a second and asked, “Would there be an investigation by the insurance company?”

“Yes, there will be. A two crore insurance policy and accidental death will certainly attract an investigation. That’s why we need to take extreme precautions to eliminate any suspicion of foul play. We ought to make it look like an accident.”

“Let us not worry about that right now. We have a whole year to think that through.”

* * *
Sivaraman was reviewing the new insurance policies when Priya walked in with a few sheets of paper.

“Here it is… The investigation report!”

“What is the conclusion?”

“No foul play. It was an accident as per our investigators. The truck driver was drunk and was speeding when he lost control and crashed into the car. Here is the police FIR and medical reports.”

“Okay. Let us issue the two crores check to Mrs. Meera Prabhu as she is the sole survivor in that joint policy. Make sure she gets it today along with a condolence message.”

“They are still trying to determine the identity of the other lady who was killed in the car crash.”

“Poor thing… I hope her family has insurance!”


Image Credit: Kaffee Krimi, Flickr, Retrieved Nov 6, 2010 from the web,


  1. Oh Gosh! You definitely master the art. Very short and crisp. A software engineer's mind does not long wind like that of ours - the humanities', I guess.

    Where are the pictures of the play? I am waiting.

    Joy always,

  2. Big Thumbs Up! :) each short story is a movie in itself!


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