Friday, November 19, 2010

The Ninth Prime

Image Credit: 23rdian by bitzi☂, on Flickr

he ambulance screeched to a halt in front of the emergency care entrance at the St. Jude Hospital. The paramedics and nurses wheeled in the patient hurriedly into the emergency room. The unconscious man must have been around thirty years of age, profusely bleeding from a head injury.

The ER doctors started attending to him within minutes. He was promptly put on drips and connected to the monitors. A nurse extracted samples of blood for testing.

“How did this happen?” asked the ER chief.

“We got a call from a person who noticed him unconscious on the roadside. It looks like he was hit by a car or something!  Dispatch said that an officer is on his way… He had lost a lot of blood before we got to him,” said the paramedic.

“He’ll live. We should be able to stabilize him shortly. We will take it from here!” said the ER doctor. The paramedic looked at the heart rate monitor that was showing a normal rhythm.

“Okay. I will sign out now.”

He closed the door behind him and left.

* * *
Officer Gutierrez was on her routine patrol when she spotted that vehicle on the side of that country road. The doors were open.

She turned on the flashing lights in her patrol car and parked it. She got down from the car and walked towards the abandoned vehicle with her hand gripping her gun.

She carefully checked the driver seat and found it empty. There was no one in the vehicle.

“Control! This is patrol number 3263, Gutierrez reporting an abandoned vehicle on R47 near mile marker 28… It is an ambulance van… Over!”

* * *
John and Emilio were sitting at the table with their drinks. The secret underground bar was a popular meeting place for The Resistance.

“We had to do it. There was no other way! That’s why I stole an ambulance and sneaked him in.” said John.

“But this is a huge risk, John. They will find out very soon… if they haven’t already.”

Emilio was worried.

“Yes. When they find out, he will be taken prisoner. But, we will deal with that tonight. We lacked the facilities to treat him and he would have bled to death. A dead leader is of no use to his followers. He is better off at the hands of the enemy, in this case.”

John finished his drink.

“Do you think they will find out it is him?”

“No. There is no known record of him that they will be able to tie him to… and that’s why it will work! It has been 72 hours and he is stable now. We get him out tonight.”

* * *
The Chief of Police finished reading the incident report and threw it on his desk. He looked up at the Captain.
“So, you are telling me that we may have had him—our most wanted man with no name… the leader of The Resistancewith us all this while…”

“Yes… they attacked our convoy when we were shifting him from the hospital to our prison. Three of my men died fighting them!”

“I would like to meet those families. I want to reassure them that these men did not die in vain. I want to tell them that our fight is just beginning and we will annihilate them!”

The Chief straightened his hat.

“The man with no name might have escaped, but we have his DNA now. We won’t let the remnants of those abhorrent Homo sapiens with twenty three pairs of chromosomes pollute the perfect advanced society that we have painstakingly engineered!” 

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