Saturday, November 27, 2010


Image Credit: Tracey Holland, via Flickr
Stella picked up the ringing phone.

“This is the head nurse from the hospital. We have completed the procedures. Your husband is stable now. You can come in this afternoon to visit him.”

“Thank you.”

Stella hung up the phone. The nightmare has ended. She felt a great sense of relief.

* * *
Angie swam out of the steel tube into the warm stream. She received an incoming message.

“This is Angie...”

“Welcome Angie. This is scout S-130. I am at the site. Transmitting coordinates, right now… done.”

Angie received the site coordinates in an authenticated message from S-130.

“ETA six minutes! Over and Out.”

Angie sensed that the temperature around her was normal. Many smaller streams joined the main current on her way. Halfway through her journey, she sensed a higher level of resistance and the current slowing down progressively. At one point the stream started pushing against her.

She continued her swim persistently and finally was in visual range of the scout. Angie initiated landing maneuvers and started the final phase of her mission.

* * *
Vedamuthu opened his eyes. He grimaced as the lights of the hospital room hit his eyes. A few seconds later his eyes got accustomed to the ambient light and he scanned the room. He stopped when he saw the familiar face of his beloved Stella.

She moved forward and grasped his hand.

“You are doing fine. You gave me quite a scare, didn’t you?”

“Did I?”

“Yes. She saved you!” said Stella pointing towards Angie.

Vedamuthu turned to look at Angie—the nanorobot that swam through his bloodstream to clear the blockage in his arteries that caused his cardiac arrest last night.

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